Things You Need To Know While Traveling With CBD

Traveling With CBD
Traveling With CBD
Traveling With CBD
Traveling With CBD

The Farm Bill of 2018 has legalized the sales, possession, and transportation of hemp-derived products in the United States legally. That means you can use different types of CBD products in the United States. However, the FDA has still not removed CBD from the list of controlled substances. Also, many of the states in the US still have not legalized the recreational use of CBD. This means traveling with CBD to those states can be considered illegal and you may face penalties.

Traveling With CBD

Traveling with CBD is improved when compared to the pre-Farm Bill period. Many states have legalized the medical and recreational use of CBD products and people can buy them in government-approved pharmacies and some online CBD stores.

The CBD laws are different in each state of the US. Therefore, you need to look at the CBD laws of the states you are traveling to if you are planning on traveling with CBD. You might have to carry the proper documentation while traveling with CBD. If you are using CBD for medical use, make sure that you have the doctor’s prescription in your hand.

Tips For Travelling With CBD Products

Choose The Right CBD Product

You should choose the right CBD product when you are planning on traveling with CBD, especially on a plane. Avoid traveling with bulkier CBD products and travel with small products like CBD tinctures or spray. Many of the airlines do not allow you to carry CBD vape pens and e-cigarettes with you.

Keep The Product In Your Carry-On Bag

Make sure that you do not look like hiding the CBD products from the authorities. Keeping the CBD products inside your clothes or deep down your travel bags may create suspicion. If you keep the CBD products in the carry-on bag, it won’t look like you are hiding them, and will be also easier for you to take them out if they ask you to show the CBD product.

Do Not Forget The Necessary Documents

Most of the states in the US allow the use of medical marijuana under the prescription of a doctor. Therefore, it is safe to travel with CBD products to those states if you have the proper documentation, like the prescription of a doctor.

Keep The Product Safe

Make sure to keep the CBD products in a dry, cool, and dark place while traveling in a car as the heat from the sun can damage the CBD content and compromise the product’s quality.