Frequently Asked Questions Encircling CBD


CBD is a trending topic in the wellness industry. What exactly is CBD? Why does it keep making everyone talk? Through this write-up, we answer a few questions about CBD.

What Is CBD?

CBD is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids present in cannabis plants. It is known to have various therapeutic properties because of which various therapeutics and wellness products based on CBD are being introduced into the market daily.

How Is CBD Obtained?

CBD is present in all cannabis plants. However, the percentage composition of cannabinoids including CBD varies in different cannabis plants. Hemp and marijuana are plants that are members of the cannabis species. Although they belong to the same species, years of selective farming has brought significant changes to their cannabinoid profiles.

Hemp has been traditionally cultivated for its seeds and fiber. Seeds are used as food supplements while the fiber has industrial applications. Therapeutic properties of marijuana have been put to use from ancient days. Hemp plants are rich in CBD while marijuana is rich in THC – another active cannabinoid.

The law insists on using hemp plants as a source of CBD used to make therapeutics and wellness products. CBD products should not have more than 0.3% THC in them, else they will be deemed illegal. High THC products are dealt with under the marijuana laws of the state that you are in.

Can CBD Give You A High?

The euphoric effect you get while using some cannabis products is termed as a high. The high is caused by the cannabinoid THC. CBD won’t make you euphoric. If the THC content in a CBD product is kept minimal (below 0.3%), it will not result in users experiencing the euphoria.

What Factors Affect The Quality Of CBD?

Many factors are crucial in deciding the quality of CBD products. They include:

The Method Of CBD Extraction Used

There are several methods to extract CBD. They include CO2 extraction, ethanol extraction, hydrocarbon extraction, and more. The choice of extraction method has a lot to do with the quality and purity of the final CBD product. CO2 extraction is generally regarded as a high-quality extraction method. Ethanol extraction also has appreciable quality. Hydrocarbon extraction methods like butane extraction and propane extraction may sometimes offer poorer quality final products if the solvent residues (that are toxic) are left behind in the cannabidiol product.

Growing Soil Of Hemp

The quality of the soil on which hemp is grown impacts the quality of the crops and the CBD products manufactured from them. Hemp plants show a tendency to readily absorb metal toxins and chemicals from their growing soil. Hence hemp plants grown in contaminated soil are not suitable for making quality CBD products.

How Do You Trust The Quality Promises Of The CBD Product?

CBD brands often make attractive promises of quality but you cannot trust all of them blindly. To analyze the quality of the CBD product you are planning to buy, you will have to study the product label thoroughly. Research about the extraction process used, and source of hemp, etc.

It is important to study the third-party lab results of the cannabidiol product to ensure that the details given on the product label conform to the information given in the third-party lab report. The report is available on the product website and in case, you can’t find one, you have to avoid buying that product because the brand’s lack of transparency makes it difficult to trust its authenticity.

What Are The Uses Of CBD? 

CBD has various applications in the therapeutic and personal care sector. Its medical benefits include pain relief, inflammation relief, anxiety relief, improved sleep, and more. When it comes to personal care, CBD can be used in general skin care because it is an effective antioxidant that has various applications in skincare.

How To Take CBD?

There are many varieties of CBD available in the market. Similarly, there are several options in CBD intake methods. Here are a few:

Sublingual Intake

CBD oils and tinctures are consumed using this method. It is advised to hold the liquid under the tongue for a minute before swallowing it for the best results. The cannabinoids in the product will reach the user’s bloodstream through their sublingual glands.


CBD edibles are similar to traditional edibles. The only difference is that these are infused with CBD which gets released into the bloodstream after being digested.

Vaping, Smoking, And Dabbing

In all three methods, CBD is inhaled in one or the other form. In vaping, CBD vape oil is heated to an optimum temperature and the generated vapors are inhaled. CBD is dabbed by heating CBD shatter or CBD wax inside suitable dabbing equipment and inhaling the vapors generated.

CBD Topicals

CBD can also be infused in topical formulations like creams, lotions, and salves. They are meant exclusively for external use.

Choosing high-quality CBD products to promise you a pleasant CBD experience without any significant side effects.