How Can Cannabidiol Help Dogs With Cancer?

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Using CBD For Cancer
Using CBD For Cancer

Cannabidiol may be no cure for canine cancer, but research has revealed that it might just support a well-laid-out treatment plan for cancer-affected dogs. Using CBD for cancer might make the standard treatments for the disease more efficient, thereby positively affecting the pet’s standard of health.

It Can Support Antitumor Medicine

Many balk at the suggestion of cannabidiol being used as part of cancer treatment, but they must know that it can help to make tumors smaller. Much research has gone into this matter, and the effect is proven.

As per a recent study, cannabidiol has antitumor effects for humans having different forms of cancers. Besides possessing the tumor size-reducing properties, cannabidiol might improve radiation therapy’s mechanisms of tumor-shrinking. So, cannabidiol might be capable of reducing the use of the said therapy, thus lessening its occasionally harsh side effects.

A different study showed that the survival rate of mice having pancreatic cancer that were treated by cannabidiol and gemcitabine increased thrice than just with this chemotherapy drug.

With increasing research about the science behind cancer, researchers are realizing that the endocannabinoid system is closely associated with the disease. In other words, the parts involved in both the peripheral and central nervous system’s signaling processes, which are associated with cancer, respond positively to phytocannabinoids.

It Can Help Reduce Inflammation And Pain

These are possibly cancer treatment’s adverse effects or the signs of the disease’s progression. Most of the time, the process of managing pain is involved in a canine cancer treatment plan.

It is unfortunate that several prescription painkillers come with side effects. When it comes to opioids, one might end up consuming an excessive and dangerous amount of the drugs. NSAIDs are known for their major side effects, including gastrointestinal issues, kidney failure, and liver failure in certain dogs.

As scientists highlight, the more serious side effects are possibly insufficiently studied, and these put older and immunocompromised dogs more at risk. Meanwhile, cannabidiol is shown to ease inflammation and pain, plus it might just contribute to reducing the use of other types of prescription pain medicine without affecting patient comfort.

Moreover, studies suggest that CBD for pets and human use has less-serious and fewer side effects as compared to other pain drugs that vets often prescribe.

It Can Positively Affect Immune System

It is proven that cannabidiol can lessen oxidative stress and that it can help to regulate stomach function. Both gut function and oxidative stress are associated with the immune system’s health.