Why Athletes Should Try CBD

CBD For Brain Health
CBD For Brain Health
About CBD
About CBD

There is a well-established list of benefits today for people who choose to use CBD products. CBD has proven to be quite effective as a painkiller and sleep aid, as well as a general anti-inflammatory. However, its benefits don’t end with disease-related use. These same qualities also make it a good choice for athletes.

It Reduces Stress

Stress can be defined in many ways, but the one definition which holds truest with regard to athletes is that it is “the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change”. CBD helps in finding the sweet spot between overtraining and freshness.

It Acts As An Adaptogen

Adaptogens are basically non-toxic plants as well as herbs that bring the user “back to the middle”. They also protect the neuroendocrine system from overreaching. There are no side effects to speak of either. This is the same thing that CBD does.

It Guards The Central Nervous System

The CNS or the central nervous system contains the spinal cord and the brain. This system is responsible for controlling perception and communication. CNS burnout can result from long stretches of exertion, but CBD can help with that. The compound is good for neurotransmission, and may even help sync neural signaling. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is known to directly promote neuronal health, and CBD has been shown to strengthen the ECS.

It Improves Sleep

One of the initial things users see about CBD is that it helps with their sleep. The compound is being widely used these days as a specific therapy for sleep disorders. One study saw almost 36% of its respondents saying that cannabidiol treats their conditions well. CBD is also known to lower stress hormones such as cortisol.

It Promotes Muscle Relaxation

All athletes know the post-workout feeling where their muscles are saturated with lactate, and which if not addressed properly can cause soreness and cramps, making even normal activities hard to carry out. CBD can help here because it is a powerful muscle relaxant.

It Alleviates Anxiety

CBD has many anxiety-ridding properties. It is effective against acute anxiety, chronic anxiety, and all the other kinds that fall in between. Even people with a problem speaking in public can get over that by taking CBD. For athletes, CBD can alleviate the pressure that comes with training and competing. The full-spectrum variety is more effective than isolates when it comes to alleviating anxiety.