CBD Oils Vs CBD Tinctures-How to Choose between Both?

CBD For Fibromyalgia
CBD For Fibromyalgia
CBD Oils
CBD Oils

The not so long ago legalization of CBD has helped greatly to deliver the benefits of CBD to a bigger public. It is becoming famous as a medicinal product that helps in curing various ailments and relieving the symptoms of many. The product has applications in palliative care as well. CBD products are obtained from the hemp plant of the cannabis family.

The marijuana plant also belongs to the cannabis sativa family and this factor might have delayed the legalization of the product even years after its medicinal benefits were proven. But the fact that the marijuana plant is a relative of the hemp plant is not at all an alarming one. CBD products obtained from the hemp plant contain a very less percentage of THC, which is an intoxicating compound that gives you a high. The marijuana plant contains a high amount of THC and therein lies the difference between both.


CBD oil is made by suspending CBD extract obtained from the hemp plant in an inert solution of oil. The process of collection of CBD oil is similar to other oil gathering processes. Some manufacturers prefer taking pure CBD from the hemp plants while others extract cannabinoids from every part of the plant.

CBD oil can be taken orally or can be added to food products. The CBD oil bottle comes with a dropper and you can administer the right amount of drops every day. It is the most easily available type of CBD product and is a suitable option for people who like to vape in their CBD. To vape in CBD, you can add the CBD oil into your vaporizer and inhale the vapors.

CBD Tincture

CBD tinctures are a bit different from CBD oils still being a concentrated form of CBD. CBD tinctures are usually suspended in alcohol and other solvents can also be used to make the tincture.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CBD Oil and Tinctures

Advantages of CBD oils

  • Ease of availability
  • CBD oil is an excellent choice for people who prefer vaping in their daily CBD dose.
  • The product is made by suspending CBD extract in inert oil and so the beneficial properties of CBD would not get lost even by a tiny amount.
  • CBD oil suits certain foods better than CBD tinctures.

Disadvantages of CBD oils

  • The raw taste of CBD oil is unpleasant
  • CBD oil cannot be added to every food item because CBD oil might change the properties of the food by some amount.

Advantages of CBD tinctures

  • Tinctures are suitable to add to foods because alcohol eases the mixing of CBD tincture with the foods.
  • If you choose to take CBD orally, a tincture is a better option than oil because it lacks the unpleasant flavor of CBD oil.

Disadvantages of CBD tinctures

  • CBD tincture is not suitable to vape in because using tincture as fuel in vaporizers can be dangerous.
  • Since the solvent in CBD tinctures is alcohol, it is not preferred equally by all people.