Is To Safe To Mix CBD And Coffee?

CBD Health Benefits
CBD Health Benefits
CBD Health Benefits
CBD Health Benefits

Groggily waking up in the morning and trying to shake off your sleep? Even after you shake your sleep off, it doesn’t quite leave. You feel your pace slowing down and you find yourself wanting to slip back in bed. Then you feel the warmth of the coffee pour down your throat and you find yourself reinvigorated with a new sense of drive; you quickly get yourself to work and take on the day. There is nothing like a cup of hot piping java that can help get your day started off with a bang. From many of the coffee lovers out there, a common question that we get to hear is, does mixing coffee and CBD spell disaster?

We are in the pursuit of finding the answer to that very question, and by the end, you will know too. Read on.

What Is CBD?

It is the active, therapeutic compound that you will find in cannabis and hemp plant. It is by far, one of the most researched and well sought-after phytocannabinoids out of all of the 113 cannabinoids you will find in marijuana.

CBD acts well against most common illnesses and most of the CBD health benefits are focused on providing a general holistic effect. The many properties that CBD is imbued with include pain relief, anti-inflammation, anxiety, and stress relief, promoting sleep; and this would just be the starting of the rather extensive list of its benefits.

The chemical structure of CBD is much like the endocannabinoids that you will find in the human body, which points to the fact that CBD works mostly by binding with the cannabinoid receptors in your central nervous system.

It does all of this without the risk or fear of getting a high or intoxicated-another feather in its cap! Further, unlike other painkillers and NSAIDs, there is never a risk of the user falling addicted to CBD. Aspirin abuse happens all too often and ends up ruining the lives of thousands in the US alone.

What Is Caffeine In Coffee?

Caffeine is the active ingredient in coffee and acts as a stimulant that helps you boost your focus and mental concentration for a short to medium duration. It provides a significant boost in the alertness and the energy levels and this is the reason why there are so many coffee lovers out there. Some people generally say that they can’t start off their day without taking a sip of hot coffee in the wake of the morning.

Caffeine works by racing and boosting the heart rate, and increasing the blood pressure as a result. When you take too much of caffeine, you start to fall on the other end of the spectrum and you tend to become jumpy and jittery, in what is called “caffeine kick”. This usually happens when you take in too much coffee.

Is It Risky To Mix CBD And Caffeine?

The science surrounding the two’s interaction is still up in the air and is unclear. Nevertheless, the effects are beneficial. When taken in low doses, CBD acts as a stimulant too. It helps in boosting energy and helps you stay motivated throughout the day. when the dose increases, CBD turns into a sedative and helps you get good sleep. There is evidence that says that intaking CBD with caffeine can help drastically reduce the negative “jittery” effects of a caffeine kick.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has thoroughly studied CBD use and continues to do so. Their conclusion on CBD is that it has an excellent and safe side effects profile. As of now, there have been very few reported cases of unfavorable interactions between CBD and coffee.

Does Taking Coffee Reduce The Effectiveness Of CBD?

There is evidence that points to the breakdown of CBD at high temperatures. This is why cooking oil infused with CBD oil, must only be used for dressing and not for cooking. The breakdown will not only reduce the effectiveness drastically but also can make it bitter to taste. This would obviously mean that hot coffee may lead to the loss of some of the potency of CBD.

So try not adding CBD to coffee while making it. You can add CBD once the coffee is made or you may take CBD oil after an hour of consuming coffee to keep you in the clear.

The Final Note

The verdict is that it is considered safe to consume CBD and coffee and the evidence against that is too far and between. If you have had instances of the interaction turning awry, then it is advised that you discontinue and check with the doctor if you have some other issues. People who are undergoing treatment or have other medical conditions might be susceptible to ill effects, if at all any.