Can Cannabidiol Treat Acne?

CBD For Acne
CBD For Acne
CBD For Acne
CBD For Acne

Acne vulgaris or simply acne is a very common skin disease. Acne leads to certain forms of blemishes on many parts of the human body. People of any age and gender are likely to have acne vulgaris. Even so, acne develops following the activation of sebaceous glands after puberty.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, more than 85% of Americans aged from 12 to 24 years experience acne vulgaris. The possible causative factors for it include genetics, dull ways of life, stress, climate changes, and menstrual cycles. A considerable imbalance in one’s bodily hormones is among the primary reasons for acne. While not serious, acne can come with scars on certain bodily areas. So, many people seek natural solutions for it and wonder whether CBD for acne is one of these. Here, we will look at some details to help explain the efficacy of cannabidiol in treating acne.

Research On Cannabidiol For Acne

There have only been some pieces of research related to CBD and acne. Unfortunately, none of these studies shows that it is 100% effective in treating the chronic skin issue. Anyhow, CBD is likely to help deal with the issue because it can limit the extreme secretion of sebum. The skin creates sebum naturally, but the oil-like substance can cover some facial areas or even the whole face. Utilizing cannabidiol oil can stop the creation of too much sebum. For your information, this excessive amount of the substance can open the door for acne.

The oil-type cannabidiol product’s inflammation-reducing properties can help to keep cytokines from being activated. Cytokines can also trigger acne, so stopping the activation of these could just turn out to be useful, according to the National Library of Medicine’s study from 2014.

How Should I Use Cannabidiol Oil As An Acne Treatment Option?

Utilizing the product after blending it with shea butter, argan oil, olive oil, and coconut oil will possibly fulfill your purpose. Anyhow, applying it to the facial areas that have acne complications is also likely to offer good results.

When purchasing the CBD product, you have to check how authentic the labeled ingredient is. In 2017, Jama Networks checked 84 CBD goods, and about 26% of these were shown to contain less cannabidiol than what was printed on the label.

Is It Effective In Eliminating Skin Marks Related To Acne Or Another Health Condition?

La Clinica Terapeutica’s research professionals looked at 20 people with residual scars, occurred due to atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. The study participants were told to utilize CBD topicals twice per day for 3 months in a row. After the use, they had noticeable skin improvements. Their residual scars diminished to a great extent, and their skin appeared much more hydrated as compared to the past, all thanks to cannabidiol. Anyhow, the study participants with acne-related skin marks had no visible changes. Then again, it is worth noting that the sample size for the study was so small.

Another important thing to note is that using CBD for acne alone is not the proper way to improve the condition. This is to say, you should take other steps alongside its utilization. These additional steps could include having food items that are good for your health and making changes to your lifestyle.

Which Other Skin Issues Can Cannabidiol Oil Treat?

The product is potentially efficacious in treating numerous other skin issues. Here, we will look at some more health conditions that are treatable with the application of CBD oil.


According to a piece of research featured in the journal named ‘PeerJ’, utilizing the cannabidiol oil had impressive effects on people with psoriasis. Cannabinoid receptors can help to minimize the excessive development of skin cells. Too much skin cell development is among the many different underlying reasons for psoriasis. CBD oil products come with other phytocannabinoids, which can stimulate the aforementioned receptors, thereby helping to shrink the underlying issue for psoriasis.

Aging And Wrinkles

The topical application of cannabidiol can keep skin aging from happening, plus it can aid you in fighting against wrinkles. The inflammation-easing and antioxidant capabilities of cannabidiol can facilitate and promote skin health on the whole. The skin will ultimately appear glowing, with fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

Conditions That Come With Itchy Skin

Going by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology’s research, cannabidiol has been utilized to treat irritating and itchy skin-related conditions. Skin itchiness is among the many different complications that hemodialysis patients experience. According to the National Library of Medicine’s research, more than 81% of the patients who used CBD skin cream managed to reduce itching and other symptoms of hemodialysis.

Phytocannabinoids can help users get rid of the itching sensation. According to JAAD’s research, the CBD added to skincare products, such as moisturizers, can help relieve itchy skin.