Important Points To Know Before Dabbing CBD Concentrate

CBD Concentrate
CBD Concentrate
CBD Concentrate
CBD Concentrate

Owing to the therapeutic and health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), people are using products made from it for treating the symptoms of various ailments. It is popular for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsive, antioxidant, neuroprotective, and anticancer effects. One of the popular ways to consume it is to inhale its vapors because of the fast onset time of this method. Besides, it is preferred by experienced cannabidiol users, as well as those who want quick relief from chronic pain or other ailments. This article will focus on dabbing CBD, read on to know more about it.

What Is CBD Dabbing?

CBD dabbing is inhaling the vapors of CBD concentrate made from hemp plant extracts that contain less than 0.3% of THC. CBD concentrates are made by the extraction process that removes terpenes and other undesirable plant matter while retaining the cannabinoids. There are different types of CBD concentrates and they are listed below.

CBD Isolate: This is 99% pure cannabidiol and appears in the form of white crystalline powder. Also, it doesn’t contain other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Terpsolate: Terpsolate is made by combining CBD isolate with liquid terpenes.

Crumble: CBD crumble has a malleable texture, and it is made by removing the oils after the extraction process. This gives it a crumbly texture that easily breaks upon handling.

Shatter: Shatters have taffy-like texture, i.e. you can pull and snap it like taffy candy.

Wax: As the name indicates, CBD wax has a sticky and waxy form and can be made from full-spectrum CBD extract or CBD isolate.

How To Dab CBD?

To dab CBD concentrate you need a dab rig, dabbing nail, and blow torch or electric heating coil as a heat source. Also, the dabbing experience is highly influenced by the type of dab nail, rig, and the temperature used. Listed below are the steps that you must follow to dab CBD.

  • First, heat the dab nail with a butane torch until it reaches the desired temperature which experienced users can easily assess. The ideal temperature is between 160 to 180-degree Celsius, anything above this range can destroy the CBD concentrate. Usually, it takes approximately 20 seconds to heat the nail, and 60 seconds to cool down. This also depends on the nail material and its thickness.
  • Now place the CBD concentrate on the heated nail using the dab tool, and inhale the vapors through the dab rig. Also, keep in mind that you should inhale slowly and place the cap on the nail to trap the heat.
  • After inhaling, exhale the vapors immediately to feel the CBD effects completely.

These are the points that you should be aware of when dabbing CBD concentrate.